Working Groups

The interim structure comprises the Board and two Working Groups  to oversee initiation of the group’s processes for Membership and Harmonisation.


Membership Working Group

The Membership Working Group (MWG) is responsible for reviewing membership applications and formulating the TACT Membership Policy. In future, the MWG will be replaced by a Standing Committee.

MWG members: Marianne Nicolson (Chair), Karen Kelly and Bartomeu Massuti

Harmonisation Working Group

Harmonisation across the member groups of TACT of processes and documents related to clinical trial conduct and reporting has been identified as a key success factor in achieving TACT’s aim of facilitating thoracic oncology clinical research. Ensuring efficient inter-group processes and collaboration is particularly relevant in the context of the expected complexity and scale of research projects that will be most appropriate for TACT’s unique global network – for example, studies involving multidisciplinary approaches, recruitment of patients with relatively rare tumour types such as mesothelioma or molecular subtypes and large-scale studies in the early/adjuvant setting. The Harmonisation Working Group (HWG) is in the process of being formed in order to prepare for the first TACT trials.