Full Member

Full Membership is open to groups (rather than individual researchers or sites) whose activities are closely aligned with the TACT aims – typically national and trans-national cooperative thoracic oncology or oncology groups who conduct clinical trials. Member dues of AU$2,000 will be invoiced annually. Membership applications will be assessed on five key criteria:

  1. The group has at least one ongoing, actively enrolling trial in thoracic cancer
  2. The group has the ability to conduct trials under GCP conditions
  3. The group has access to a central data centre – in-house or through a provider
  4. The group has access to statistical support – in-house or through a provider
  5. The group will ensure representatives attend general meetings and actively participate in Standing Committees and/or Working Groups to which their representatives are appointed


Provisional Member and Observer (Non-Voting)

Applications are invited from groups that have a focus on, but are not directly involved in, conducting clinical trials in thoracic oncology, for example: oncology research groups; consumers; laboratory-based research groups; regulatory authorities; national research institutes; and professional organisations.

Rights and Responsibilities

Full Members

  • May appoint up to six representatives to attend the General Assembly, with one vote on matters arising:
    • Three principal representatives
    • One statistician
    • One data manager/operations expert
    • One translational research representative


Provisional Members and Observer Groups

  • One representative may attend the General Assembly, with no voting rights
  • A representative may be invited to take up observer status on a Standing Committee or Working Group